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Most GSM mobile phones can dial emergency numbers even when the phone keyboard is locked, the phone is without a SIM card, emergency number is entered instead of the PIN or there is not a network signal (busy network). Most GSM mobile phones have 112, 999 and 911 as pre-programmed emergency numbers that are always available 112 and 911 are universal emergency numbers. They work from most telephones, mobile phones and cell phones worldwide. GSM mobile phones/cell phones are programmed to recognize 112, 911 and 999 and often other emergency numbers including 118, 119, 000, 110, 08 etc

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  1. There are different poison control numbers based on your region. Be sure to have your local poison control number available in the case of an emergency. To reach the American Association of Poison Control Centers, call their helpline at 1-800-222-1222. To add poison control as a contact in your phone, text POISON to 7979797
  2. Some countries have a different emergency number for each of the different emergency services; these often differ only by the last digit. Inside the European Union, 112 was introduced as a common emergency call number during the 1990s, and is a well known emergency number in the world today alongside 911 and 999
  3. Pan-European emergency number (EMS and fire brigade): 112 Calls to 112 are free of charge and can be made from a landline, pay phone or mobile phone, even without a SIM card. Dialling the number will direct you to an operator who will notify the appropriate service, tyically the local Rettungsdienst or Feuerwehr
  4. Emergency telephone numbers The emergency number 112 connects you directly to a control centre throughout Europe at any time, in North Rhine-Westphalia with an integrated control centre for the fire brigade and rescue service. Using 112 avoids delays in an emergency. Ambulance 11
  5. Where to find emergency telephone numbers required for SDS section 1.4 Note: The information featured in this table is solely provided to assist parties in the compilation of safety data sheets. It is collected from the national helpdesks responsible for Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 (CLP), and it is updated once a year

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While the provision of an official emergency telephone number may at first glance appear to be the simplest solution, the local contact body is not always staffed 24/7, a fact which means that at least one second contact person is needed. In the worst case, the emergency caller comes up against a dead-end or first has to establish that the official body is not available before the alternative. The emergency telephone number does not have to be a Canadian telephone number or be available 24 hours. Reference: FAQs on WHIMS 2015. China. In China, a domestic 24h emergency telephone number must be provided for hazardous chemicals in SDSs. This requirement is set in mandatory national standard GB 15258-2009. When manufacturers and importers of hazardous chemicals register their hazardous. Emergency call 112. The emergency numbers in Germany are 110 (Police) and 112 (Fire Brigade & Ambulance). You can dial free of charge from any public call box. Note that you can't call 112 with a phone without SIM card. Through the 112 number, you can call for an ambulance Krankenwagen). In an emergency on a major road (motorway, highway, secondary road), look at the white kilometre stones. Recently '112' was launched as a pan-India emergency helpline number. You can use this single emergency helpline number for various emergency services such as police, fire and ambulance etc. It provides 24*7 emergency responses across the country. An immediate assistance will be provided to the affected

All emergency numbers can be called free of charge from landlines, public telephones and mobile telephones. English is not usually spoken by these services, so the help of a Russian speaker may be required. In 2012, the main five emergency services moved from having different telephone numbers to one common number, 112 Media in category 112 (emergency telephone number) The following 49 files are in this category, out of 49 total. +150-Jahr-Feier Feuerwehr Sebnitz - Festumzug am Sonntag - 01.07.2018 in Sebnitz - Bild 094.jpg 8,399 × 4,724; 8.8 MB +Dresdner Verkehrsbetriebe - Straßenbahn mit Sonderbeklebung - 112 - Feuerwehr Dresden - Linie 4 in Striesen - Bild 001.jpg 5,599 × 3,149; 7.66 MB. 112 - Te is. Nationwide Emergency Response - 10111 Dial the telephone number 10111 from anywhere in South Africa and a call centre operator will answer the incoming call, take all necessary particulars and assign the complaint to a Flying Squad patrol vehicle, or the local police station, to attend the incident. Cell phone emergency - 11

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Deutsche Übersetzung von emergency telephone number | Der offizielle Collins Englisch-Deutsch Wörterbuch online. Über 100.000 Deutsche Übersetzungen von Englische Wörtern und Ausdrücke Why do I need a 24-hour Emergency Phone Number? According to: 49CFR section 172.604 (c) a shipping paper must contain an emergency response telephone number. TDG part 3.5 (f) states that an emergency response phone number must be provided on the shipping document. This number must be available 24 hours a day while the material is in transpor Call 101 for non-emergency enquiries. If you're deaf or hard of hearing, use our textphone service on 18001 101 Emergency telephone numbers; Good to Know - Emergency Phone Numbers. Emergencies: Police: 110 Fire Department: 112 Emergency Service: +49 (0)911 19292 / 116 117 Dental Emergency Service: Tel.: 0911 58 88 83-13 www.notdienst-zahn.de. Pharmaceutic Emergency Service: www.aponet.de Poison Control Center: +49 (0)89 19240 Telephone Counseling: Tel.: 0800 /1110111 www.telefonseelsorge.de. Lost and. When you make a call with SOS, your iPhone automatically calls the local emergency number. In some countries and regions, you might need to choose the service that you need. For example, in China mainland you can choose police, fire, or ambulance. You can also add emergency contacts. After an emergency call ends, your iPhone alerts your emergency contacts with a text message, unless you choose.

Emergency Numbers. 112 for Emergency Services. Dial emergency telephone number 112 in case of acute medical or fire-related emergencies. The operator will notify medical emergency and fire brigade services and, if necessary, contact the police. 110 for Police Emergencies. Dial police hotline 110 (nation-wide) if you require immediate police assistance, for instance if you've been victim or. An emergency telephone number is a telephone number that can be used to quickly contact emergency services for assistance. Many countries' public telephone networks have a single emergency telephone number, sometimes known as the universal emergency telephone number or the emergency services number. Most emergency service numbers are three digits long so that they can be dialled quickly and. EMERGENCY TELEPHONE NUMBERS in SPAIN. The European Emergency telephone Number 112 is not the only emergency number here in Spain. As well as 112, the following emergency numbers are available 062 - Guardia Civil 091 - National Police - Reporting robberies etc. 061 - Health emergencies 080 - Fire Service 092 - Local Police 090 - Report traffic incidents 011 - Road information (traffic jams and. There are other emergency numbers. These can be called from a mobile phone or public telephone. Service: Telephone numbers: Police: 117: Fire service: 118 'Helping Hand' counselling helpline: 143 (CHF 0.20 per call) Ambulance: 144: Toxicological information centre: Tox Info (in case of suspected poisoning) 145 or +41 44 251 51 51: Helpline for children and young people (Pro Juventute) 147. To do a reverse phone number lookup start by entering a phone number with the area code (e.g 206-867-5309), click the search icon, and review the results page, which will immediately tell you what type of phone is linked to the number. Decide if you found all the data you're looking for or if you want more information on who the phone number belongs to

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All emergency numbers can be reached from pay phones, without the use of a phone card or money. It is also possible to call emergency numbers from a locked mobile phone (112 might work even when the message no network available is displayed). The number 112 can be dialled to reach emergency. Emergency numbers in Germany: 112 & 110. There are two main emergency numbers in Germany: 112 & 110. As with many European countries, calling the emergency number 112 in Germany will get you through to the fire brigade and ambulance services (but not the police!) If you urgently need the police in Germany, the number you need is 110. German polic

emergency phone number - Wörterbuch Englisch-Deutsch. 90.000 Stichwörter und Wendungen sowie 120.000 Übersetzungen dial 0049 or +49 before the following numbers. In case of emergency in Munich, Emergency Medical Services 112 Poison Emergency Telephone Service 089-19240 Patient Transport Ambulance 089-19222.

EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS . USE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY! Bible verses are clickable. When in sorrow..... John 14 When men fail you.....Psalm 27 When you have sinned.....Psalm 51 When you worry.....Matthew 6:19-34 When you are in danger.....Psalm 91 When God seems far away.....Psalm 139 When your faith needs stirring.....Hebrews 11 When you are lonely and fearful.....Psalm 23 When you grow bitter. It is common knowledge that most Hazmat (DG) shipping papers (declarations) require a 24-hour emergency response telephone (ERT) number per the US Hazardous Material Regulations (HMR) codified in 49-CFR, Part 172.604.However, this requirement is commonly misunderstood - especially with recent changes to the HMR

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In order to find the new emergency number in the dark or thick smoke it was suggested an end number was used so it could be found easily by touch. 111 was rejected because it could be triggered by faulty equipment or lines rubbing together. 222 would have connected to the Abbey local telephone exchange as numbers in the early telephone network represented the first three letters (ABBey = 222. Morocco country code. If you want to call a Moroccan number, you'll need to use the country calling code +212 or 00212, for example if you want to call this Moroccan number : 0661112233, it'll become +212661112233 or 00212661112233.. Embassy & Consulates Phone numbers in Morocc Listed below are the Lagos State emergency telephone numbers. Use these numbers when you need to contact any of the agencies: Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Tumblr Pinterest Reddit VKontakte Share via Email Print. RETAIL PRICES OF SELECTED ESSENTIAL ITEMS IN LAGOS METROPOLIS. RETAIL PRICES OF SELECTED ESSENTIAL ITEMS IN LAGOS METROPOLIS . Governor of Lagos State. Weather. Lagos, Nigeria. Scattered. Emergency Phone Numbers; EMERGENCY - DIAL 911. Covina-Valley USD. District Office (626) 974-7000: After hours emergency (626) 705-4719: City of Covina Police Department. Police (non-emergency) (626) 384-5595: Non-Emergency Dispatch Center (626) 384-5808: Desk Officer (626) 384-5653: Graffiti Hot Line (626) 384-5599 : graffiti@covinaca.gov: City of Irwindale Police Department. Police (non.

Here are telephone numbers which may be helpful when you travel to China, including emergency numbers, complaints and inquiry numbers, flight & train service numbers, bank numbers, communication carrier numbers, express numbers and government department numbers Englisch-Deutsch-Übersetzungen für emergency telephone number [of individual] im Online-Wörterbuch dict.cc (Deutschwörterbuch) Emergency Numbers . 12: Telephone Directory Assistance; 112: Carabinieri; 113: Emergency Police Help; 115: Fire Department; 116: A.C.I. (Italian Automobile Club) Road Assistance; 118: Medical Emergencies and Ambulance; 1515: Forest Fires; 112: The Pan-European Emergency Number . For American tourists traveling to Europe, one of the most important numbers to keep in mind is 112, which is the.

You can also telephone for help: 158 is the police contact number, but the general EU emergency number 112 guarantees English-speaking operators. Both numbers are free and can be dialed from any phone. Crimes must be reported at the main police station of the district in which the crime occurred. The police are obliged by law to provide you with an interpreter, but at most stations you will. Below are contact numbers in case of an emergency. If you are not sure if the situation requires an ambulance, please call the Emergency Telephone Consultation Center or the Emergency Medical Information Center beforehand. Nurses and former emergency medical technicians respond to inquiries on a 24-hour basis and can provide first-aid instructions and emergency hospital information

The average time to answer a 112 call is 10 seconds after a compulsory message. According to the latest E-communications household and telecom single market survey, 39% of French people know they can use 112 everywhere in the EU.. The European emergency number 112 is not the only emergency number in France Emergency services. We all know that 911 is your go-to number for fire, police, and ambulance services, but there are other service numbers that you should have readily available as well. Some of these may include poison control, animal control, your alarm company, and your favourite pizza joint (just kidding on that last one). 5. Utility companies. Utilities aren't just spaces on a Monopoly. The European emergency number 112 is not the only emergency number in Greece. The national emergency numbers are: 100 - police; 199 - fire brigade; 166 - emergency medical service; 108 - coast guard; 197 - emergency social assistance; There is no specific help for users with disabilities. Useful links. Interior Ministry; Ambulance service ; Fire brigade; Police; Europe Direct Komotini; Last. Using other emergency numbers. Australia's primary emergency call service number is Triple Zero (000), which can be dialled from any fixed or mobile phone, pay phones and certain Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services. There are also two secondary emergency call service numbers—112 and 106. 112 is available from most mobile phones. 106 connects to the text-based relay service for. emergency telephone number превод у речнику енглески -српски. Колачићи нам помажу да пружимо услуге. Коришћењем наших услуга прихватате да користимо колачиће

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Emergency telephone numbers. Police; phone 110 Fire department; phone 112 Rescue coordination centre; phone 112. Water supply association. Zweckverband Wasserversorgung Freising Süd. phone 08165/9542-. 24-h-emergency service: 0151-17414354 Gas emergency hotline; phone 08122/9779- Caritassozialstation Freising. phone 08161/63020 Children and youth telephone; phone 0800 1110333 (for free. Emergency Phone Numbers, Hospitals, Stolen or Lost Credit Cards & Safety Tips. EMERGENCY NUMBERS Thailand has adopted 911 as their Emergency Number for all emergencies, 24 hours a day. The former 191 emergency hotline will automatically be redirected to the new 911 number. Many mobile phones are pre-programmed with 112 which will redirect to 911 even if your provider has no signal. If you're. Emergency phone numbers. National Gas Helpline. If you have or suspect a gas leak or loss of gas supply, call the National Gas Helpline on 0800 111 999 (24 hours, 7 days a week). National Power Cut Helpline. If you have or suspect an electrical power cut, call the National Power Cut Helpline on 105 (24 hours, 7 days a week). Emergency numbers for electricity distributors. Area Emergency number. Directions to the scene of the emergency; The telephone number you are calling from; Details on the incident itself, the number of persons involved, the description, any visible injuries and knowledge of any pre-existing medical conditions. Try to stay calm and listen to the call taker's instructions. It is also important to keep your own phone on as the emergency service may need to contact.

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  1. Phone Numbers to Call Life threatening emergency Triple Zero (000) Bushfire NSW Rural Fire Service 1800 679 737. Flood, storm and tsunami NSW State Emergency Service 132 50
  2. Other emergency telephone numbers for the city of Bonn Medical services / doctors. You can find addresses of doctors and hospitals through the Council health portal.; There you can search for a doctor near you, for example by area of specialisation and foreign language knowledge, via a database of doctors.; The health guide for migrants also provides a further overview of doctors in Bonn who.
  3. I need to speak with a booking's operator, someone have the telephone number oleasse
  4. Find all the emergency telephone numbers like ambulance, civil defence, police, coast guard in UAE at Whitepages.ae. Home; Advertise With Us; edaleel; Etisalat; عربي ; Business Listings; Residential Listings; Yellow Pages; Home; Emergency Numbers; Abu Dhabi 991/800-2332 992/800-2332 02-6731900 Al Sila (Baaye) 800-2332 992/800-2332 02-8721554 Mafraq & Al Wathba 800-2332 800-2332 - Delma.
  5. You risk blocking the telephone line for an emergency call. Instead, call 114, which is the service number to the police all over the country. Call the police at 114 to report a crime . 114 is the nation-wide service number of the police. Call 114 if you: want to report a crime where there is no need for immediate police assistance; have information for the police about the commitment of a.
  6. 24 HOUR EMERGENCY RESPONSE TELEPHONE NUMBER 24-7-365 Emergency Response Service VelocityEHS' ChemTel is one of a select few federally recognized Emergency Response Communication Call Centers. We have been providing exceptional and accurate emergency mitigation services to the hazardous materials transportation industry for over twenty years. Many major corporations, educational institutions.

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  1. Emergency Numbers. Police (Calling) 110: Police (Text message) 12110: First-aid Ambulance: 120: Fire: 119: Traffic Accidents: 122: SOS in Water: 12395 : Calling Tips: 1. 110, 120 and 119 are free calls. 110 may be used for all emergencies. It is the first number to call. Whether 119 or 120 is called depends on the situation. 2. The more details you can provide to the police, the better. At a.
  2. Fillable forms cannot be viewed on mobile or tablet devices. Follow the steps below to download and view the form on a desktop PC or Mac. Note: Open the PDF file from your desktop or Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. Do not click on the downloaded file at the bottom of the browser since it will not open the.
  3. Emergency Telephone Numbers. Edit. Classic editor History Talk (0) Share. If calling from a cell phone, dial 031 + commercial number or dial 0505 + DSN from any commercial or cell phone Do you need help Using the Telephone? Service DSN Commercial Ambulance, Fire, MP: 911 690-8111 Fire Department : 690-7911 Fire Department (non-emergencies) 753-6173 690-6173 Military Police Desk: 753-6600,-6601.
  4. Emergency Telephone Number (24h) for Referring Physicians +49 (0) 177 173 73 72 . Telephone Number for Relatives of Patients in Intensive Care +49 (0)391 67-14132. Contact / Office. Mrs. Jana Bortscheller. Telephone +49 (0) 391 67-21905 Fax +49 (0) 391 67-21906. Last Modification: 20.03.2019 - Contact Person: Webmaster. Sie können eine Nachricht versenden an: Webmaster. Ihre E-Mailadresse.
  5. Telephone: From outside Canada. Call the nearest embassy or consulate. +1 613 996 8885 (call collect where available) Toll-free numbers in some countries; From inside Canada (non-passport-related) 613-996-8885; 1-800-387-3124 (toll-free from the U.S. and Canada only) Emergency passport services within Canada (weekends and statutory holidays) 1-800-567-6868 (toll-free from Canada only) SMS: 613.

Photo about Emergency telephone number 110 for fire written on fire truck back side. Image of marking, information, metal - 6107958 Here you find Kazakhstan's national emergency telephone numbers as well as service numbers. The national emergency services numbers in Kazakhstan are: Service: Number: General emergencies 112 Ambulance 103 Fire brigade 101 Police/Traffic police Gas leak. Emergency personnel may also try it as an alternative number if there is no answer at the ICE number. Police (non-911 line) In case you have an emergency or witness someone else who needs help, you can notify your local police station about the situation more rapidly if you already have the number stored in your phone

Assign a phone number to a user. Using the Microsoft Teams admin center. In the left navigation, click Voice > Phone numbers.; On the Phone numbers page, select an unassigned number in the list, and then click Edit.; In the Edit pane, under Assigned to, search for the user by display name or user name, and then click Assign.; To assign or change the associated emergency location, under. Emergency Telephone Numbers In life-threatening emergencies, call: 112. For emergency services, call : 116117. The walk-in emergency practice in Erlangen is located at Bauhofstr. 6; the telephone number is (09131) 816060. You can reach me outside of office hours at (0171) 5747207. During office hours, you can reach me at (09131) 35726. All emergency contact numbers and the telephone numbers of. For any of the 3 above-mentioned emergency services Private Ambulance Boris Private Ambulance Medicom Private Ambulance Dobrobut Private Ambulance EUROLAB Gas emergency Information on Hospitalized Patients Water Pipe, Electricity and Sewer Emergency (indoor) Kyivenergo Emergency Service Elevator emergency service Kyivlift PHONE NUMBER 101 (previous - 01) 102 (previous - 02) 103 (previous.

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Emergency Phone Numbers (Print and take with you. Emergency numbers can be stored in cell phones for added convenience.) U of I Community Credit Union Toll-free: 877-678-4328 or 217-278-7700 Debit Card Lost/Stolen: 866-529-1551 Calling from outside U.S.: 727-572-7723 VISA Credit Card Customer Service: 866-264-1330 or 866-820-3916 To report lost or stolen cards: 800-449-7728 If calling from. Department Name. Telephone Number. Police, Fire, Ambulance. 999. Kahramaa (Water and Electricity) 991. Telephone Directory (local) 180. International Call

Emergency Telephone Numbers; Emergency Measures Information; FAQs; Contact Information. Ross Potter - Director of Protective Services Ext. 221 rpotter@hayriver.com 100-62 Woodland Drive, Hay River, NT X0E 1G1. Town of Hay River. Hay River, the Hub of the North, is where the arctic adventure begins. Experience the beauty of our town and immerse yourself in our community and northern. NSB - Neue Schweizer Bücherwelt - aktuelle Bücher bis zu 30% günstiger als im Buchhandel Premieren, die es nicht im Buchhandel gibt. Mehr als 4 Millionen Bücher, DVDs, CDs & Spiel This first number is one most people should know. 911 is the best phone number for general emergencies, but should not be used for minor incidents or non-emergency situations (in fact, it's illegal to call 911 for non-emergency situations). As a general rule, calling 911 should be reserved for scenarios where a person's life, health, safety, or property is in immediate danger. 911 is for.

Emergency Telephone Numbers Emergency - Dial 000 When reporting an emergency by calling 000 or 106, the telephone number and address you are calling from may be given to the Emergency Service so they can respond quickly. This will occur even if there is a line or call block in place to prevent the display of the calling number to others. If you don't want the telephone number or address. The main emergency number for most European countries is 112. Dutch police. The police in the Netherlands fulfils several roles, such as maintaining public order, offering assistance to people under threat and enforcing criminal law. If you have an emergency that requires the police, you should call the emergency number 112. If you don't have an emergency, but you still need to contact the. The main emergency telephone numbers to be used in France. 15 : ambulance and doctor; 17 : police / gendarmes; 18 : pompiers (fire brigade) 112 : European general emergency phone number; 115 : for homeless people; 119 : maltreated children; Note that 18, for pompiers, is used for a wide range of problems - not just fires. For example during the recent storm emergency it was pompiers who came. Emergency telephone numbers. Fires and major accidents - 110. Alert other people in the house ; Alert the fire services on tel. 110 ; Try to put out the fire without risking your life or health ; Inform the fire services when they arrive, and tell them if anyone is still in the building; Police and rescue coordination centre - 112 . For criminal offences where there is a danger to people

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Emergency calls from phone boxes are free of charge. If you do not know the local code, dial the general emergency number for mobile phones: 112. The operator will request the appropriate emergency unit. We recommend using direct emergency numbers in the case of danger (997, 999, 998) because in some areas the general emergency number (112) still does not work properly. These numbers may also. An emergency location must be associated with a phone number, but when this happens can vary between countries and regions. For example, in the United States, you need to associate an emergency location when you assign the phone number to the user. In the United Kingdom, you need to associate an emergency location to the phone number when you get the phone numbers from Microsoft 365 or Office.

When in any doubt, dial the European Emergency Number at 112. Operators responding to this number will be able to communicate with you in French or in English, offer assistance and can redirect your call to the appropriate emergency service where necessary. French Emergency Numbers. Emergency Numbers to Call in France; Service Number When to call this number; European Emergency Number 112 For. Telephone Numbers: Police Control: 100: Police Emergency Number: 4228435: Metropolitan Police Range (Kathmandu) 4261945/4261790: Metropolitan Police Range (Lalitpur) 5521207: Metropolitan Police Range (Bhaktapur) 6614821: Paropakar Ambulance Service: 4260859: Lalitpur Redcross Ambulance Service: 5545666 : Bishal Bazar Ambulance Service: 4244121: Redcross Ambulance Service: 4228094: Agrawal. For existing customer and technical support related to an existing Emergency Reporting account, please use one of the contact options. For all other inquiries, you can reach us at the phone number or address below. Monday-Friday: 6:30am - 5:00pm PST (360) 715-2489. GET ASSISTANCE. CONTACT SUPPORT. Address. Emergency Reporting 2200 Rimland Dr., Suite 305 Bellingham, WA 98226. Customer Support. Emergency telephone number - 999 (emergency telephone number) - Wimpole Street - Fire department - Switchboard operator - The Times - 9-1-1 - Winnipeg - Haleyville, Alabama - Algeria - Angola - Undefined - Benin - Burundi - Botswana - Burkina Faso - Cameroon - Cape Verde - Central African Republic - Chad - Comoros - Djibouti - Egypt - Equatorial Guinea - Eritre

Emergency telephone numbers in Namibia. Ambulance +264 (67) 30-3734. Fire Brigade +264 (67) 30-444 Emergency Telephones. There are many Emergency telephones located across campus that immediately connect you to Department of Public Safety & Security (DPSS) when you lift the handset. They are located in bronze kiosks with blue identification lights on top. DPSS is able to identify the location from which any emergency telephone call originates, so that if a caller is unable to talk, an. * Emergency only Australian emergency phone services will be revamped to speed up assistance to people needing urgent help. The triple zero national emergency number will be complemented by a national state and territory emergency services number, 132 500, and a non-emergency police assistance number, 131 444

This app is perfect for anyone who travels a lot to different countries and has not memorized all the different emergency numbers. DETECTS CURRENT LOCATION The app detects your current location and immediately shows the specific emergency phone numbers for that country. FEEL SAFE ANYWHERE The app includes the emergency numbers of all countries that you are likely to be traveling to (a) A person who offers a hazardous material for transportation must provide a numeric emergency response telephone number, including the area code, for use in an emergency involving the hazardous material.For telephone numbers outside the United States, the international access code or the + (plus) sign, country code, and city code, as appropriate, that are needed to complete the call. This list of emergency phone numbers for Spain that you're about to read and your local Páginas Amarillas (Spanish telephone directory) should do wonders to help you get to fixing whatever it is that comes your way. Keep in mind that some Spanish emergency services have English-speaking staff, but others don't. If your Spanish skills are lacking, the best idea would be to find a Spanish.

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A surprising number of people are completely unaware of who to call in case of an emergency abroad but if you're travelling in the EU then 112 is your life-saving number From standard emergency numbers to custom-designed signs, these bold, highly visible emergency contact signs are easy to read. The signs are available in ANSI and OSHA formats, plus some have reflective and glow-in-the-dark versions. Best used in commercial and industrial areas where precautions are needed against fire, Hazmat and other safety concerns; All our signs and labels are made in the. Because emergency responders can't unlock your phone. All iPhones come with the Health app, which, along with tracking your steps and other health data, allows you to set up a medical ID.This will display basic personal information, important medical information and emergency contact numbers when accessed from your lock screen Paris emergency services and phone numbers; Service Address Telephone; English-speaking pharmacy: British Pharmacy 62, Avenue des Champs-Elysées 75008 Paris: 01 43 59 82 30 English-speaking pharmacy: British-American pharmacy, 1 rue Auber, 75009 Paris: 01 42 65 88 29: English-language crisis line; SOS-Help Daily 3 pm - 11pm: 01 46 21 46 46: General medical emergency - Paris: Emergency number.

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